This program suitable for puppy as young as 2 months . Training are based on our trainer especially. She had raised puppies (1 days old) since 2004 to till date.

She had raised and nurtured the puppies to a performance dogs .

In this courses, it is a 4 weeks courses. Every week , we will upload the exercises for you to train your puppy. However pet owners are able to access the course material for 6 weeks .

Topics as follows :

  • Q&A behaviour issue & Other
  • Toilet Set Up
  • Handling of puppy  (great for tick check, vet check and grooming)
  • Intro Clicker Training
  • focus
  • recognise of name
  • All About Collar
  • sit
  • down
  • Leash walking

Upon completion of the courses, students that send in the following videos to us via email, will received their completion certificate :

  1. Intro to Clicker
  2. Recognise Name
  3. Focus
  4. Sit
  5. Down
  6. leash walkingHope you enjoy the courses .

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